X – Ray Eyes – Sam Dalal

X-RAY Eyes BookThis book deals with methods and presentations for blindfolds, or ‘sightless vision’. Amongst the most sensational of magical effects is the ”X-Ray Eyes”, or the ability of the performer to do things blindfolded, which would normally require the use of his full vision. There are very few effects that involve mass participation and fetch so much publicity, and bring in so much return for such little investment and effort.

In this soft cover, A-5 sized 30 page bookl, in nine chapters the author lucidly explains different ways to ”see” while blindfolded via ‘Peeking down the nose’ or ‘Direct Vision Method’. For the sake of completeness the author has even explained in details a novel Gadget Blindfold using Diver’s Goggles that is not commonly used by the performers.

The final chapter that deals with the presentation points are a valuable contribution by the author and the intelligent magicians will put the advises to good use. (INR. 45.00)

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