Whiteboard Paddle Outfit

Whiteboard batA paddle is an accessory that has many trick possibilities limited to your imaginations only. There are hundreds of tricks using the “paddle move”. They are effective and practical for table hopping at restaurants etc. Markings or pictures on the paddle magically jump, disappear or multiply.

During the 1950’s, The Supreme Magic Company of England first manufactured an item called ‘The Blackboard Bat’ which was supplied with pages of ideas and complete routines. It was made of wood with the handle just right for the ‘paddle move’ so to present various routines including Jimmy Rogers’ famous sequence ‘I’ll start again’.  Unfortunately, as a ‘pocket trick’ it often became messy with chalk rubbing onto clothing, with pieces of chalk here there and everywhere.

In 1971 Ian Adair, who was a partner with Edwin Hooper at that time introduced his ‘Whiteboard Bat’ (he also performed his well known Paddle Waggle effect for the first time). His model consisted of a wooden paddle covered in Veleda Whiteboard contact material and a special marker pen.

Ian Adair has now granted full manufacturing rights to Funtime Innovations Ltd.. This model of Adair’s White Board Bat has two (large 6″) white plastic paddles, two water based markers (one red and one black) and booklet of 40 pages. The plastic paddles are superior to wooden ones – colors won’t chip, paddles will not swell or bloat with damp, no possibility of ply splinters, and they can be wiped and even washed with soap and water for a mint surface. The markers supplied will effectively mark the paddles and the fine points permit you to make some pretty intricate drawings. And supplied with each outfit is a booklet of 40 pages, with handling tips, and 50+ tricks you can perform with this outfit. A must have for the close-up performer, and table hopping magician.

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