Visual Cut & Restored Ribbon

Cut N Rest RibbonEffect: The Performer displays a sheet of paper and a length of Ribbon. He folds the paper into a flat tube and places the Ribbon inside it. Both ends of the Ribbon are visible overhanging the two opposite sides of the tube.
He cuts the tube through the center, obviously cutting through the Ribbon in the process. The overhanging ends of the Ribbon are clearly seen, as he separates the cut tube to display the two separate parts.
He brings the cut halves together and pulls one end of the Ribbon, which comes free from the tube, dragging the other end with it. The Ribbon is completely restored, and can be passed for examination.
We supply you the special folded paper tube, ribbon, and all other requirements, so you can do this right away. Also supplied are nine extra tubes, as you cut one tube for each performance, so the 10 tubes supplied will enable you to perform the effect 10 times. And our instructions tell you how to easily construct more tubes for yourself.
One of the cleanest visual “Cut & Restored” effects, using apparently ordinary props, this is a bargain at the low price.

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