Vanishing Pencil

vanpencilFTYou introduce this pencil saying it is a “magic pencil”. Anything written with it can be made to magically change, or vanish.
You claim you use it when you issue checks for very big amounts!

Ask a spectator to put his signature on a piece of paper with the pencil, then take back the pencil from him, have him fold the paper in fours and hold it up. Tap the paper with the pencil, and say the signature should have changed.

Spectator opens the paper and finds nothing has happened.

Magician looks surprised and mumbles something to the effect that the pencil seems to be loosing its magic power. He now removes a brass tube from his pocket, stating he will place the pencil in the magic charging tube to recharge the pencil’s mysterious properties.

The pencil is pushed into the tube, which is capped, and held up for a moment. You tap the folded paper in the spectator’s hand a little harder with the tube  State the signature should have vanished now. Spectator opens paper to find signature is still there. Performer looks extremely surprised, and opens the tube, opening facing audience. The entire pencil has vanished. “Sorry”, he says, “I must have over charged the pencil”, as he casually hands over the tube for examination….

The Vanishing Pencil apparatus is made entirely of Brass, and designed to vanish a full size pencil, which the spectator handles, and writes with. There is no switch. The tube in which the pencil vanishes can be examined.

The effect is suitable for presentation at any time under any conditions. Ideal for when you want to book a show, and they ask you to “show a trick.” Comes complete with instructions.  Very easy to do, and a very good buy.

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