Vanishing Mark Pen

Vanishing mark PenA novel joke pen – that appears just like any ordinary ball pen. 
You pretend to write with it, and it does not write. So you “scribble” with it on a table cloth, or someone’s shirt to start the ink flowing.
The pen leaves a clear black mark.
Just when the owner of the shirt or tablecloth is about to blow a fuse or bawl you out, you blow on the “ink” mark, and it vanishes !

* No chemicals or liquids.  Perfectly safe for use by anyone.
* No stains on the clothes or body.
* Use the same pen, over and over again. Nothing to wear out or replace.

Made in plastic, attractively packaged, this “gag” pen makes an excellent novelty for your act, or as a give away at a most affordable price.


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