Vanishing Bird Cage

vanishing bird cageOne of the true classics of Magic and one which we are now pleased to offer in a deluxe collector’s quality. In effect the performer has a Cage with a Bird in it  between his hands.  He can walk into the middle of the audience, and ask a member of the audience to place their hands over the cage.  The
cage is suddenly tossed up, and both cage and bird have instantly vanished.
The effect is a classic performed by several of the great magicians of all times.  Several varieties and models have been used, and what we offer you incorporates the best of technology, materials and workmanship.  The cage we supply has all six sides, and can be stood up right on a Table or Tray, or handled with one hand.  Yet it works fast and smooth for the vanish.
The Vanishing Cage measures approximately 5″ in length by 4″ square.  It is made from Brass sections, and plated.  It comes to you complete with the necessary ‘pull’ and even an
imitation bird for practice, or use on stage. (If you decide to use this in the middle or your audience, you may prefer to substitute the imitation bird with a more realistic one to suit your taste).
The Vanishing Bird Cage is not an easy item to perform, and will require considerable handling practice before you can perform it confidently in front of an audience. Perhaps more people will buy this as a classic magic item, – it is one of those props you can proudly add to your collection, or sell for much more than you paid for it a few years from now.
But for those wishing to perform it, this Cage has all the advantages of being a most practical model, and comes to you complete with everything necessary to enable you to try it right away. Very good value for money.

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