Utility Pen Gimmick

This is a versatile utility gimmick, like the Thumb Tip.  Your audience never see it and are not aware of its existence but it helps you to perform some very effective “impromptu” miracles.
It’s use is similar to a Thumb Tip, except that this gimmick gives you a much larger load capacity than a Thumb Tip.  It works at the tip of an ordinary ball pen instead of your Thumb, allowing you to show your hands very freely before and after.  The pen is used as an impromptu Magic Wand and some 
special features, make the loading and unloading of the tip almost automatic in working.

You can do many effects with this gimmick, like vanishing and producing a silk or even changing the color of a silk.  You can produce salt from your empty hand, or water from a borrowed currency note rolled up in a cylinder.  You can perform a very neat cut and restored rope or ribbon and many other similar effects.
The gimmick we supply comes to you made from seamless spun aluminum, painted flesh color complete with a ball pen which is quite ordinary in all respects except for being the correct shape 
and size for use with the gimmick.  You can carry and use the pen for everyday use, and with the gimmick loaded you are ready to “show a trick” when ever or where ever you please.
We supply the gimmick, pen and detailed illustrated instructions for handling the gimmick and several of the tricks you can perform with it, all for a very modest low price.