ultimate-egg-bagThe Egg Bag is a classic prop, with all the ingredients that make it the perfect audience participation effect, specially for kid shows.The basic plot is direct and simple. An Egg is placed in a bag. It vanishes. It magically reappears inside the bag. The performer removes the Egg from the bag, and places it in his pocket. It vanishes from the pocket and re-appears in the bag. And so on ….With some presentation ability, and the help of a member of your audience, this can be a fun filled routine, which can entertain for  several minutes in your act. The item has been featured by childrens’ magicians through the ages, and also by some of the great names of Magic in their full stage shows.


The Ultimate Egg Bag produces the classic Egg Bag effect, with a bag that has a clear net front, allowing the egg to be visible at all times, making the effect much more deceptive. Complete with special bag, “egg” and instructions..

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