Uday 75 Tricks Magic Set (with 2 DVD)

Uday 75 Magic SetThis is without a doubt one of the best Magic Sets produced in this country. Designed and produced by Uday Jadugar of “India’s Magic Star” as featured on Star One TV, this set has 75 tricks clearly explained on 2 DVDs, with all the required special props. About half the effects use every day objects, found in all homes.
This makes an ideal kit to gift to a newcomer interested in Magic, or as a Gift to the Birthday Boy or Girl for one of the better paying shows, or a kit for your own collection.
Kit items include : Ball & Vase, Key Puzzle, Obedient Ball, Number Vision, Cups & Sponges, Star Paddle, Police Pencil, Rising Pencil, Rubber Pencil, Vanishing Knot, One Hand Knot, Knot Thru Loop, Pyramid Puzzle, T-Puzzle, Rope Escape, Acrobatic Cards, Age Finding Cards, Multiplying Balls, Only 2 Cards Match, Wand Thru Body, Jumping Thimble, Antigravity Pencil, Pencil Levitation, Predicta Color Pencil, Multiplying Thimble, Swallowing Thimble, Thimble Thru Hanky, Coin Vanishing Pedestal, Unequal Equal Ropes, Thimble Vanish & Produce, Thumb Tip Tips, Card Stand, Coin Vanish, Color Changing Silk, Cut & Restore Rope, Cut & Restore Match Stick, Cut & Restore Tape, Salt Vanish & Produce, Silk Production, Vanishing Pepper, & Silk Vanish.
Other effects explained include : Afghan Bands, All Queen Magic, Animated Egg, Bending Spoon Illusion, Black Magic, Bottle Levitation, Card Prediction, Coin Production, Coin Thru Table, Coin Vanish, Coin Vanish Thru Elbow, Coin Thru Hand, Cut & Restore Thread, Cut-No-Cut String, Face Off, Ghost Match Box, Glass Thru Table, Jumping Rubber Band, King to Joker, Match Box Paddle, Mind Reading, Minty Escape, Mobile Vanish, Multiplying Coins, Needle Thru Balloon, Number 5 Card, Pen Vanish, Predicta Number, Pulse Stop, Small Coin to Big Coin, Stick No Stick, Straw & Thread, Topsy Turvy Currency, Traveling Coins & Unbreakable Match Stick.
Get them while they last – once GONE this is not the type of item that is reproduced in small lots !

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