Tramlines in China

Tramlines-in-China oThis is a novel production silk with a visual magical change to add to the impact of the production.
When produced, it shows as a pretty silk with Red vertical stripes on a White background. (you could refer to these as Tramlines in China – which is the popular name for this effect.)
The silk is held by the upper corners, stretched between the hands. The performer just brings the two ends of the silk together, then stretches the silk again, and the lines now run horizontally. A visual and novel change !
To the audience it appears you just brought your hands together, then separated them, and the stripes changed from vertical to horizontal.
You could patter about the tram lines running south to north, then west to east, though the visual effect requires no patter …
We supply you the special printed silk (about 22″ square), ready to work.

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