Tora Black Box

Tora Black BoxThis is an amazing Illusion with a perforated Black Box with an open front.

The Audience can see through the box on all sides through the perforations, yet a dove or a couple of bunnies or guinea pigs, or a large volume of silks, or flowers or other items appear in the box in the twinkling of an eye.
No Cover – the item(s) appear instantly and visibly.  Its simply Amazing.

The mouth of the prop measures approximately 9″x 5.5 and the box is 7″ deep. It is fabricated in Perspex.

The Tora Black Box is manufactured  by Funtime Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Calcutta, India by special arrangement with Magician Tora of Iran (now Thailand) (₹ 3000.00) ( ₹ 1500.00)