Tip Over Chest

Tipover Chest 02This is the classic Tip Over Production Box, in the form of an attractive “Treasure Chest”. It is a more compact and much more economical model of our Enchanted Treasure Chest, (a large prop of an identical nature, for large stage use), originally introduced by us over a decade ago.
Call it a Treasure Chest from the Arabian Nights, or Blackbeard the Pirate’s Chest, or whatever you fancy. Show the box completely empty. Cast your magic spell and produce what you will from the chest. “Silks from the East”, or “Doubloons and Pieces of Eight”, or Flags and Flowers, Doves, or a baby Bunny. Show the chest empty after the production, then cast your magic spell again, and make yet another production. The chest will hold a truly enormous amount of production items.
Our Chest is designed with a unique automatic self locking feature – just close it and the load will not tip, allowing you to carry this on or off stage, or pick it up any time during the performance. Just open the lid, and its ready to work. 
Made from wood, finely crafted and polished, the Tip Over Chest is approximately 10″ high and 11.75″ x 7.75″ at the base. Its load chamber is approximately 6″ high and 9″ x 5″ at is base. Complete with detailed instructions.

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