Thumb Tip – Various Sizes

The Thumb tip is a secret accessory that makes many seemingly impossible miracles possible. Use it to Vanish or Produce a silk, or vanish a lit cigarette in a borrowed handkerchief. Use it to restore a torn and burnt note. Use it for a “lucky dip” effect. Produce a live Gold Fish from a borrowed currency bill. And dozens of other incredible effects.

We have a standard Thumb Tip, and an Extra Long size. The Standard Thumb Tip is ideal for all the regular Thumb Tip routines. Made in plastic, and supplied with a sheet of ideas for use.The Extra Long Thumb Tip gives you additional space at the end of your Thumb. It will enable you to conceal a larger silk, or piece of ribbon, than is possible with the regualr Thumb Tip. An essential gimmick for any bag of tricks.