Throw Coil # 10 – Mylar (Silver)

mylar throw coilThe performer throws out his hands, and gleaming several silver Streamers shoot out, making for a very visual and dramatic effect. 

The ‘Throw Coils’ allow you to produce this dramatic effect, which can be used at any time in your show. For example when you take a bow after a trick which has produced a good round of applause, or as you walk on to stage, or before you end your show etc. You can bunch up the streamers and use them as cover for a subsequent load.

trcoilrwThe streamers look very effective specially on Television, and if you are performing a show being televised, it would be a good idea to sneak this in somewhere in your act. It hardly takes a few seconds to perform, but has a big impact. 

We supply you 10 Coils (each with 24 streamers 15 feet long) made out of super strong mylar film ready to use. Each coil can be used for one performance


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