Thimbles – Plastic

plastic thiblesThe first effect we learnt in Magic was the manipulation of a thimble. With a very little practice, and a very cheap prop, you can produce some strong Magic.
Unfortunately the correct type of thimble, once abundantly available is no longer so. We have produced these in our own die, and can offer them to you at a reasonable cost. Available in your choice of Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.
We also have “sets” of these thimbles in 5 assorted colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green & White) at a very economical cost. 
Please note that these thimbles are supplied without any instructions of any type. You can get all the thimble moves and routines in any standard text book of conjuring. 
We also have a Nested Thimble Outfit, with larger thimbles, and a booklet of Thimble Magic. 

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