Gocum-boxThis is a large size variation of the Gung Ho Box, designed to vanish or produce a dove, or any equivalent load, and has some convenient features. (The GO in the title is for the vanish, and the CUM (COME) for the productions!!!)
The box has two doors, on top and bottom or front and back, depending on how you use it. You can use the box in a horizontal or vertical mode. Open out both the doors, and audience can see right through the box. Close the doors, and reach into the box and make your production.
For a vanish, place something into the box, then POOF – open both doors to show item is gone.
This is a utility prop, with dozens of applications and every performer will have some specific routine for its use. The few random examples below will give you some ideas of its use.
Box shown empty, then a dove produced. If you wish the dove can then be vanished in another prop like a Flip-Over Box.
Dove placed in box and vanished. The “same” Dove is later reproduced from a Dove Tray or other Dove production prop.
As a production box for producing ribbons, silks, paper money, sponge production items, spring flowers and garlands, strings of beads and similar production items.
Vanish two or three sponge balls in the box. Reproduce them later from a Crystal Casket !
Well made in plywood (for a longer life than the cheaper particle boards), with a metal load chamber, and painted in an attractive finish, the box measures approximately 12″ in length, 6″ in width and 5″ in height.. Complete with photo illustrated instructions. Use your own load items.

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