Double Locked Chest Mystery – Inlaid

These are a well made pair of nesting Chests. They enable you to secretly introduce an item into the inner locked chest, making possible some very strong magic. This is a sample effect with this prop. The performer borrows a high denomination bill from a spectator.  The spectator is asked to ensure he can identify … Read more

Cube Transposition Boxes

Cube transposition boxes

The performer displays two boxes with lids, one red and one yellow. He also displays a solid multi color cube (shown on all 6 sides) and a number of small silks of different colors. The two boxes are opened, shown empty, and the solid cube is placed in the yellow box which is closed. The silks are … Read more

Rattle Ring Box – Large

Rattle Ring Box Large

The Rattle Box is a classic prop for vanishing a borrowed coin from a spectator’s hands, and having it appear elsewhere. This is a slightly larger model, in a deluxe wood finish, that will enable you to perform the effect with any borrowed coin or finger ring. This box measures about 4.5″ long, 3″ wide … Read more

Ghost Dice – Large

ghost dice large

An incredible penetration effect, from decades ago when mechanical props were works of real magic. Performer displays a wooden tube with cutouts, so spectators can see right through the tube. A metal plate passes through slots in the middle of the tube, dividing it in half, so nothing can go through. He next displays a … Read more

Rattle Box

Rattle Box

The performer drops a borrowed and marked coin into a small wooden box. The box is wrapped in a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold. The spectator can hear his coin rattling inside the box, proving the coin is still there. With a snap of his fingers, performer causes the coin to vanish. … Read more

Note Printing Machine – Stage Size

Note Printing Machine

  The Note Printing Machine is very popular because it fulfills a basic fantasy. If one could do real Magic., the first thing one would do is mint money, or transform blank paper to currency bills. This apparatus allows you to produce this effect. Performer displays a frame with two rollers. A sheet of paper … Read more