Switch Can

Switch CanThese Switch Cans were made by us for the Supreme Magic Co. of England many years ago. The Switch Can is a utility Magicians prop that will enable you to produce, vanish, or exchange small items and even liquids.. As Supreme Magic is no more, we offer them to the magic fraternity, as a very clever and useful utility prop.
Our detailed instruction describe various ways of using the item, and many possible effects with this. These are just some of the effects you can perform with this utility prop.
Coloured Confetti poured into the Can changes to Spring Flowers.
White paper strips and some coloured liquid changes to several coloured Silks, or a large multicolored Silk.
Small self coloured silks changes to a large multicolor blendo silk.  Or use the Can to vanish or produce a silk for any silk trick or routine requiring a silk production or vanish.
Piece of rope or ribbon cut in three placed in the Can is magically restored.
Knots appear on a rope or ribbon placed in Can, or knots vanish.
Use it for forcing a slip of paper. For example, many names written by spectators on different slips.  They are exchanged for a number
of slips with the same name.  So spectator will pick one of the force slips, which you have previously predicted, or a picture of the selected person appears in a sand frame etc.
A number of spectators drop folded notes in Can.  They are mixed and one is freely selected.  You have a spectator concentrate and can tell first 3 digits of the note.
Loose beads or razor blades placed in can with thread come out as necklace, or chain of blades.
Place a few grains in Can, pretend to heat with a match, and it comes out as popcorn.
A number of clippings of classified ads placed in Can, one is selected, and you mind read or predict the contents.
Use it to change rope to silk, or silk to ribbon etc., as a part of your routine when going from one item to another.
A number of loose key rings placed in the Can emerge magically linked in a chain.
… and much more.
The Switch Cans are made in heavy gauge tin, and attractively painted in red on the outside with a gold border, and black on the inside. Supplied complete with instructions and many ideas for use.

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