This model of the Svengali Deck allows you to Riffle from either the short or long edge to perform all the tricks.

This special pack is the most popular trick deck ever created. Burling Hull in his Sealed Mysteries claims its invention and that he copyrighted it in 1909. The Svengali pack soon leaped into wide popularity and into the hands of street peddlers. Many hundreds of  thousands of packs must have been sold, and are still selling. Like many other weapons in the magicians’ armory it can be used even amongst people who know the principle without their suspicions being aroused.

This deck will enable you to perform apparent miracles with cards. Use it for forcing. Use it to have a selected card appear at a selected number, or spell itself out. Use it to hypnotize your audience. There are literally 100s of tricks you can perform with this, and complete books have been published on its many uses.


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