Sucker Sliding Coin Box

Sucker-Coin-BoxsuckThis is similar to the classic sucker Die Box effect, but performed with a large 4″  “Gold Chinese Coin” instead of a die. You get the same sucker effect, in a much more compact prop, and the same audience visibility as a die box of similar size.
Effect –  The performer displays a slim cabinet with two doors, covering two “compartments”. A large  “Chinese Coin” is dropped into the cabinet from a slot on top, and is completely visible in either compartment through two large circular cutouts in front of the cabinet.
The doors of the box are closed, and the box tilted, (the audience can hear the coin roll to other side of compartment), then one door opened to show coin has vanished. Spectators are not impressed, they ask you to open the other door. You close the door initially opened, tilt the box, and open the other door. This will have even the slow ones in the audience screaming to tell you how its done !
Finally you open both doors to show coin has indeed vanished. You shake and tilt the box from side to side, and it is completely empty. The coin is then reproduced from any place you wish.
The apparatus supplied is complete and requires no more than a little handling practice. Kid Show performers will welcome this as an alternative to the Die Box. Quality Prop made in top grade Ply, painted and finished in eye catching colors.