Stop Smoking (Economy Promo Model)

Stop-Smoking---PromoWith the several campaigns to stop people from smoking, this is a trick which is timely and topical. Although based on the very old Vanishing Cigarette trick, our new ultra thin design with several special features is far superior to models previously available.
EFFECT : Magician places a Cigarette in a Tube, with a NO SMOKING sign, just large enough to hold a cigarette.
The Tube is capped, and given to a spectator. When the spectator opens the Tube, the Cigarette is found to have vanished. Or if you prefer, you can transform the full size cigarette to a miniature one, exclaiming that if you can’t give it up completely, you can atleast “cut it down” !
This model was first introduced by us some 20 years ago, and has been copied by several dealers in this country. We now offer you an economic “Promo” model, that will give you better value for your money than any of the rip-offs ! Very easy to do.

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