Squared Aquarium Production

Aquarium Prod SquareThe Square Circle is one of the most effective production props of all times. You can use this as an opener, and produce a large number of items from “thin air”. This is a novel version of the popular Square Circle Production Outfit, using two square tubes.

The performer displays two squared tubes resting on a stand. The tubes nest together, and the outer tube has slots that permits the audience to look into the tube. The tubes are shown right through, one at a time, then nested, and flowers, silks, ribbons, currency notes, sponge bananas and balls and other similar magician’s production items can be produced from this.

Finally for the climax the performer lifts away both the tubes and displays a Miniature Aquarium with live fish,  that fills the entire space of the nested tubes.

The outfit is a very compact size, (outer Square approx 5.5″ square, Aquarium about 4.5″ all sides) easy to transport, sturdily made in ply and attractively painted, complete with the acrylic Aquarium. Just add some water, and a couple of live (or artificial) small Aquarium fish.

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