Spooky Cut (Haunted Deck) – Bicycle Back Gimmick

Spook Cut BCGPerformer shuffles a pack of cards. A spectator freely selects a card from the pack. The card is replaced in the middle of the pack.
Performer puts the pack of cards on the table, and the spectator (or performer) places his fingertip on the pack. Casting his magic spell, the performer requests the spectator to lift his finger.
In a very uncanny manner, the pack cuts itself in the middle. The card cut at, (top card of the bottom half) is the selected card. It is the same card and not a duplicate, it could be signed if you wish.
We supply you a special gimmick card which you can use with any regular Bicycle deck, which is cleverly gimmicked and responsible for this Spooky animation effect. No strings to break, and no  set up. Just put the gimmick card in your regular deck, and you are set to use this..


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