Sponge Balls (HK # 6)

Sponge Balls-6Sponge balls are easy to handle and manipulate with many possible effects- you can make the balls appear, vanish, multiply, etc.!

This is a set of  SIX sponge balls. They are 2″ diameter, and made of soft sponge foam. (The casket in photo is not part of the item, but for illustration only !)

Available in sets of red you can use these for most standard Sponge Ball routines. However they are specially recommended as production balls from props like the Wonder Box, Flaming Ball casket, Crystal Casket, Triangular Production Box, Small Mirror Boxes and Mini Square Circle outfits, etc. etc.

Specially obtained at a bargain low price, this set of six 2″ balls costs almost half of what you would pay for a regular 4 ball outfit of 2″ Sponge Balls. Stocks are limited, and available while they last. No additional dealer discounts are available for this item.

There are plenty of DVDs and Books on sponge ball magic which will allow you to perform some very clever routines.. we supply the sets without instructions.

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