Split Sucker Die Box (Super)

Split Die Box  001A new approach to the classic sucker Die Box, this has several additional features which will fool even magicians. Easy to do, with the special built-in mechanics.
Effect:- The performer displays a Die Box comprising of two separate and detachable compartments resting on a flat tray. Each compartment has a door on top and front.
A die is picked up from its container and placed in one compartment. It mysteriously travels to the other compartment and vice-versa. The spectators can hear the die traveling, even though they cannot see it !
The special feature of this model is that you can show the die has appeared in or disappeared from either of the compartments by opening the doors of the compartments, which is very convincing as well as mystifying. The compartments rest on the tray with space between them, permitting the audience to see nothing can pass from one compartment to the other.
Ultimately, the die vanishes, and both the compartments are clearly shown empty. The die is discovered back in its container (box).
This is very well made in wood, with brass trimmings, and comes complete and ready to use, with all the required props – dice, boxes, tray, and instructions. An expensive prop, but good value for the professional who wants the best.

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