The performer displays a multicolor streamer striped in various colors which is shown freely all around. He waves it and it visibly transforms into five separate streamers – in five different colors.

The five streamers are now placed in a small black bag. This is shaken, and the bag transforms into a large foulard over 30″ square, with a multicolor starburst design.

This is in fact two different effects, routined together into a very colorful, and very visually effective act.

We supply you one special streamer (approximately 45″) that changes from multicolor striped to black, four additional streamers in different colors, and the special bag to foulard bag.

The routine is detailed in to parts, The first part is transforming the multicolor streamer into 5 different solid color streamers.

The second part involves transforming the 5 streamers placed into the black bag into a large multicolor starburst foulard.