Spirit Nut – Brass (Small & Jumbo)

spirit nutsThe performer shows a solid brass nut, which can be threaded on to a lace, string, or even over a knitting needle.Yet the nut can be made to penetrate off the string or needle in an instant.This is a very fine piece of mechanical magic, and we guarantee you will be delighted with the clever working of this item.We supply you the special fake nut, a matching ordinary nut, both precision made in solid brass, along with full instructions and routines .

We also have a jumbo version of the Spirit Nut twice as large as the regular Spirit Nut. Again precision made in solid brass the jumbo size is much more versatile and visible.  You can now use this excellent close-up trick for much larger audiences, even in your conjuring shows. The Jumbo Spirit Nut is a deluxe collector’s quality item, yet one which you would be proud to use on every possible occasion.

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