Spirit Glass

spirit glassThis is a very novel revelation of a “selected” card.
The performer displays a clear glass disc – we refer to it as the glass “from the monocle of the famous Sherlock Holmes !”
A card is selected by a spectator from a deck. The index of the card mysteriously appears in the glass in a spooky fashion, then vanishes, leaving the glass completely clear once again.
You could even repeat the effect immediately if you wish with a different card.
The entire secret is in the special glass supplied.
The spirit writing appears in the glass by simply breathing on the glass.
If performing in a very cold place, then simply placing the disc on your palm can cause the image to show. In most cases you can hold the glass near your mouth and blow, (as one normally does to clean spectacles) and the audience will see the image appear, and it will vanish by the time you bring the glass away.
You could also hold the glass in the steam of a hot cup of tea or coffee. We say we use the coffee “to wake up the spirits” ! This will produce a very clear impression (the image in the photo above was taken after exposure over a cup of hot coffee) which will last considerably longer than the result of just breathing on the glass. Use whatever your performing conditions will permit.
This comes to you complete and ready to use with instructions. You use it with your own deck of cards – any deck. A nice item for people looking for “Street Magic” or off beat effects.

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