Spelling Bee

Spelling BeeThe apparatus for this consists of a long stand with nine compartments, each large enough to hold a Playing Card. In the compartments are nine Alphabet Cards, arranged in some meaningless order.
These cards are removed, and the stand turned around. The cards are mixed, then replaced in the stand in any order as dictated by the audience. There is no force. 
When turned around again, it is found that the Alphabet Cards are arranged in a perfectly legible and relevant word or words, like CHRISTMAS or BIRTHDAY, or HAPPYBDAY.
Instead of using Alphabet cards, you could also use ordinary playing cards, say the Ace to Nine of a particular suit, which magically arranges in order. Or you could use the Kings and Queens of the four suits, which magically arranged in pairs even though placed in random order dictated by spectators.
We supply you the special stand, sturdily made in wood and perspex, and attractively decorated. The stand measures 27″ in length, 4.5″ in height, and is 1″ thick, enabling this to stand upright on the table without support. We also supply you several Alphabet Cards specially printed for this effect, and several more blank cards which you can write or draw on for other routines of your choice. A nice prop that can be adapted to different occasions, or to sponsor a brand or logo.

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