Snow Storm Tablets – Tissue – White & Multicolor

Snowstorm-MulticolorThe Snow Storm in China is one of the most visually appealing of magic effects.  We have now made a superior fine tissue model of this item, that gives you twice as many flakes in each tablet, and the finer paper make the flakes float down slowly like real snowflakes.

The performer displays a piece of tissue paper, which he tears into pieces.  The pieces are immersed in a glass of water and squeezed.
The apparently wet wad of tissue is now fanned, and a storm of snow flakes flutter out from the performer’s hand, filling the auditorium.  Properly presented this makes for a very eye catching effect, guaranteed to draw applause from any audience.

We supply you the special Snow Storm Tablets and tissue paper for performing this.  Each Snow Storm Tablet has about two thousand tissue paper “snow flakes” in a compact tablet, making it very easy to handle, and palm.  You get 10 Tablets in each packet, good for 10 performances.

In addition to this you will require a clear tumbler of water, and a hand fan.  You can get a fan from any novelty shop, and we recommend one with a colorful Chinese design, which would be ideal for this effect of Chinese origin.

Available in regular “snow” white (Snowstorm Tablets #10 – White Tissue)

Also available in multicolor tablets where each tablet has flakes of mixed different colors 
Red-White-Blue for a patriotic theme (Snowstorm Tablets #10 – R-W-B)
or 4 different bright colors(Snowstorm Tablets #10 Multicolor)

Please specify type required when ordering.

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