Small Prediction

Small PredictionEffect : A wallet is on display at start of the routine.
Magician introduces a deck of cards and has a spectator select a card. The magician does not known what card has been selected. He picks up the wallet which he says has his prediction. He takes out a card from this wallet stating he had predicted that the spectator would pick this card. The spectator says that he has not picked this card. Magician appears disappointed, and takes out another card from the wallet but that too is not the spectator’s selected card.
Performer asks if the selected card was bigger or smaller (in value) than the two cards displayed.  The spectator states it was smaller, and a smaller card (in size) magically appears between these two cards. The spectator denies is his selected card, and confirms his card was even smaller.
The magician again places the two cards together to make yet another card appear which is smaller than the previous one. But even this fails to match the spectator’s card. The magician asks if the spectator’s selected card was a very small number card. When the spectator nods his head for a yes, the magician makes an even smaller card appear from between the previous two cards and this time it is the spectator’s selected card.
We supply you all the special cards required for the routine, (Bicycle back) in a carry wallet, along with a 4 page manuscript, with 20 photographic illustrations that take you through every step of the routine. No sleights or difficult moves are involved – as the cards supplied have the gimmicks built in. You require a regular deck of cards for the selection.

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