Slate of Mind

Slate of MindSlate of mind was created by U.F.Grant in the 1940s. An excellent effect, that we are pleased to re-introduce

The Magician shows a slate which has 6 cards face down, clipped three on each side. Corresponding to the cards are the serial numbers 1 to 6 on the slate. The rear side of the slate holds a prediction written by the magician.. The magician asks anyone from the audience to select one of these numbers. The card corresponding to the number selected is taken out and placed in the holder at the top of the slate, back of the card towards the audience. When the magician turns the prediction side of the slate towards the audience, the audience sees the selected card on top of the slate matches the predicted card written on the slate The audience can also see very clearly that the other cards are all different.

No forces or multiple outs. This is a very clean and convincing mental effect at an amazing low price for the strong effect.

Complete with Slate, Cards and all other apparatus required for working of the trick. Illustrated instructions included.

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