Silver Cascade Set (3C + H)

Like Mouth Streamers and Throw Coils, the Silver Cascade is an extremely attractive production item.  The magician holds his hand palm down, and an endless glitter ribbon flows from his hand, making a huge heap on the floor. This heap of ribbon can be used as cover for a subsequent production of silks, flowers, or even a Dove from a body load, or behind some other cover, like the back of a chair.  The apparatus we supply consists of a special holder-cum-winder, and some coils of special mylar ribbon.  The holder enables you to “palm” the coil, and allow you to make the production in the correct manner.  It also serves the dual function of acting as a winder, allowing you to re-wind the coils easily, as each coil can be used as often as you wish.  The Silver Cascade sets comprise of one holder-cum-winder, and three coils, (one silver, one gold, and one ), with full working instructions, ready to use

We also supply additional coils, in packets of six, for those that would like to give away the coils, or want spares.

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