Silk to Rose Plus

Silk-to-Rose-PlusThis is a colorful visual effect that combines some popular magic effects in an appealing routine.
Performer displays a barren rose stem. He tucks a red silk into his fist, and taps it with the stem, and now there is a beautiful rose at the end of the stem. His hand is otherwise empty – the silk has transformed to a rose. He now smells the rose, which wilts or droops away …
You could follow with any regular Drooping flower routine, – invite a spectator to smell the rose, and have it droop towards her (“you must be sweeter than the rose, – it appears to be smelling you !“), or him (“…hmmm – bad breath“). Or you could have two spectators with the rose drooping towards one, and away from the other, as in any regular Drooping Flower routine.
We supply you all the props required – and you can perform the routine with a few handling trials after reading the instructions. You may choose to vary the presentation above, and we give you alternate handling in the instructions. If you like colorful magic for a general audience, you’ll like this.

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