Silk & Ball Vase – Plastic Mini

Silk & Ball Vase - MiniThe apparatus supplied is to all appearances a replica of a miniature plastic Ball & Vase, which is familiar to most audiences, and a part of many beginner’s Magic sets. However it has been additionally gimmicked to enable you to present the complete Silk & Ball Vase routine, that will baffle even those familiar with the popular Ball & Vase.
The routine : A small vase is opened, and a tiny handkerchief removed from inside.
The handkerchief is magically “rolled” into a solid ball.
The ball is placed in your pocket, and re-appears inside the vase. The vase is tapped, and the ball magically penetrates right through the vase. The ball is again placed in your pocket, and again re-appears in the vase.
Finally the ball vanishes, and the original silk is found again in the vase.
This is a combination of the classic Ball & Vase, plus the handkerchief pedestal, and the apparatus can be used for other routines along the lines of the one outlined in the instructions.
We have a large Wood model of this item, but the very high cost prevents many performers from adding it to their acts. This tiny model, that exactly replicates a Ball & Vase costs a small fraction of the large model, and comes complete with Vase, Balls, Silks, and illustrated instructions.

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