Silk And Ball Vase – Large Wood (Collector’s Edition)

The apparatus supplied is handsomely handcrafted in solid wood, to give you an extremely attractive “collector’s quality” prop, for use on any stage. It permits you to perform a very magical routine, with a number of vanishes, transformations, and productions, with a vase, ball, and silk.

A handsome wood vase is opened, and a handkerchief removed from inside. The handkerchief magically transforms into a ball. 
The ball is placed in your pocket, and re-appears inside the vase. The vase is tapped, and the ball magically penetrates right through the vase. 
The ball is again placed in your pocket, and again re-appears in the vase. Finally the ball vanishes, and the original silk is found again in the vase. 

This is a combination of the classic Ball Vase, plus the Handkerchief Pedestal, and the apparatus can be used for many routines along the lines of the one outlined in the instructions. It comes complete with Vase, Balls, Silks, and instructions.