Selected Card Across

A very direct “Selected Card Across” effect where a selected card travels from one pile to the other. This is a classic of Magic, with many methods, but this version using special cards requires no sleights, forces, or controlled choices. It is almost automatic in working, – all you need do is follow the instructions.

The magician displays a pile of cards in his hand. He places few cards on the table in face down position one by one. The rest of the pile, he places on the table in face up position .

He squares up the face down cards, i.e. pile 1 and spreads them in face up position to show that the cards in this pile are totally different to the already face up 2nd pile on the table.

The magician then picks up the 1st pile and asks the spectator to keep the cards in his pocket. The magician asks the spectator to point to any one card of his choice from the 2nd pile spread on the table and call it out loudly so that others also get to know his choice.

The magician now squares up the 2nd pile of cards, holds it between his palms and touches the spectator’s pocket where he has kept the 1st pile. He says that he is invisibly transferring  the selected card from his hand to spectator’s pocket. The spectator is now asked to take out the 1st pile of cards and to his and the entire audiences surprise, he finds his selected card is now in the pile that was with him all this time.

To strengthen this effect and to make it fool proof, the magician spreads out his cards to show the chosen card is really not there.

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