See Through Block Vanish

See thru Block VanishThis is an improved version of the Sucker Die Box. Here all the six sides of the block (instead of. traditional Die) can be shown before placing inside the box and all five sides of the box can be opened and shown to the audience to “prove” the vanish.

EFFECT: – A solid wooden block placed inside a double compartment box vanishes from the box and appears elsewhere. There is lot of by-play, as the audience hear the block slide from one compartment to the other. 

We supply a very nicely crafted solid wood box with two compartments. This box has two doors on the front and 3 doors on the top. Back of both the compartments are open and the sides of the box have two sliding wooden plates which can be removed by pulling them out. 
We also supply a solid wooden block (a 3″ cube) and required gimmick. 
Very well made props, at a very reasonable price. We have limited stock, and once gone it would not be possible to produce them again at this price. Please order early if interested. 

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