Sands of Sahara

Sands of Sahara 004The Sands of Sahara is one of the classic effects of “oriental” magic, and has been used by some of the great names in magic history. We now have a supply of the specially prepared colored sand from Uday Jadugar of Bangalore, packaged in a handy container you can use to perform the effect..
Effect : A transparent plastic bowl is filled with milk or some opaque liquid. Magician pours different colored sand into the bowl. He then invites audience to call out any color. Reaching into the bowl magician takes out the colored sand called for. He pours the dry sand onto an empty plate much to the surprise of the audience.
You get 7 different colored sands (individually packed) in a special plastic bowl, that makes this easy to carry, and easy to use. You would use only 3 or 4 of the colored sands for each performance, and most of the sand is retrieved and re-used. The sand supplied is adequate for dozens of uses.
We have limited stock of this item, so please order early if interested.

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