Russian Chance

Russian-ChanceAs magic effects go, this one is excellent, and worth many times more than the modest price you pay for the props.
A cross between a “Russian Roulette” and “Just Chance” type effect with several highly effective presentation possibilities. We supply you the item in a compact format which you can carry in a pocket for almost impromptu presentation, at a very low affordable price, but you can just as easily adapt this to an audience of any size for a feature effect. 
Basically the effect is that five out of six containers (anything from small envelopes like those supplied, to bags or larger boxes or even Treasure Chests) are selected or eliminated by several throws of a dice. The last one left is the one with the prize (for a Just Chance type effect) or the lethal bullet (for a Russian Roulette type effect).
All the props are completely natural, and can be handled by the spectators. The effect is sure fire, with no multiple outs, leaving you only to concentrate on the build up and presentation.
We supply you the wooden Dice inlaid with brass spots (an intriguing antique die !) and 6 internally laminated pay envelopes marked one to six.
Presume you are going to perform a Just Chance effect with a prize, comprising of a large value bill. You can use 5 different spectators for the routine, or just one, depending on your performing conditions and audience size. You start by laying the 6 envelopes in a row face up, with a die along side. Explain one of these has the prize, and 5 have consolation messages. The spectator (or spectators) get first pick on the envelopes by a throw of the dice, leaving the last one for you. If a spectator throws a number previously thrown, he will throw the die again till a different number is thrown. Spectators throw the dice, and the envelopes marked with the number of spots thrown if pushed towards him/her. This is repeated till five of the envelopes have been selected, leaving the last one for you. You can now ask a spectator to check the contents of their envelopes and yours and discover the dummy messages and prize.
Needless to say everything can stand thorough examination, if the audience wishes to check this. 
You could use any container in place of the envelopes supplied. You could use larger regular envelopes, which could be sealed. You could use bags, coin purses, small jewelry boxes or large gift wrapped boxes or whatever your imagination can concoct.
You do not have to be the receiver of the prize. For example for a birthday party show, the effect could be performed with six gift wrapped boxes. Five kids gets to select boxes first, leaving the last for the birthday child. The other kids get a small Candy Bar in their boxes, while the birthday child gets a box full of Candy, or a large toy etc.
You could use the props for a bar “betchya” type effect. In this case you start with the envelopes empty. Explain the game to five other spectators, stating you will lay a wager where five spectators bet a Dollar each, and you wager ten. You collect the five Dollar Bills and place them one at a time into the envelopes with numbers on them facing down and hidden, tucking in the flaps. Your tenner goes into the one envelope. Envelopes are then mixed, turned over, and spread in a row. Performance then proceeds as for previous effect, with spectators getting envelopes with the single Dollar, and you being left with the Tenner !
For a more dramatic Russian Roulette type effect, the “containers” could be six paper bags, or styrofoam cups marked one to six, each with a wooden block under them. One of the blocks has a sharp spike through it. As each number is thrown on the die, you bring your hand down smartly on the paper bag, or cup crushing it. Finally the last bag left is shown to be the lethal one. 
Use this once for a live audience, and it will be a permanent feature in your act. We recommend this highly, as excellent value for any performer, – that can be adapted for any type of audience.

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