Royal Flush – Jumbo

The Magician fans out five cards 4 of which are Tens and one a Joker.

Magician takes out the joker and place it on the table. He turns the 10 of Spades face down and closes the fan. Now when he taps the joker with the four tens and opens them into a fan again,it is seen that the other three cards have also turned face down. Next he pushes the joker horizontally, half way through the top of the fan.

When he taps the joker it falls onto the table and visibly changes in to an Ace. The magician stuns the audience further when he shows that the other
three tens have magically change into a King, Queen and Jack of Spades Respectively. What more,when the magician places all the cards on the table they are seen to from a perfect “Royal Flush”.

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