Rose To Silk

Rose to silk 300x300This is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose in his lapel.  He plucks at the Rose, and it immediately transforms into a silk about 12″ Square.  The performer can simply tuck away the silk, or use it if he wishes for a follow up silk effect.

Although this is not a new item, our model has been modified with a considerable amount of work. The wire gimmick is made from spring stainless steel, to give you a life time of use unless damaged by accident.  The ends are specially quoted so they will never snag the silk.  We supply the item complete with a 12″ china silk, so that you can perform it right away.  Complete instruction for folding the silk and holding it are supplied with the item.  You can set this up in less than a minute.

The Rose To Silk is an effective magic touch, and a simple wire gimmick for this has often been advertised at many times our price.  We supply you the gimmick and the silk with complete instructions at a very modest low price.  A recommended buy for any performer.