Rising Matchbox Plus

Rising match box PlusWe have had the Rising Match Box in our range for several years. We have now expanded this to a complete entertainment Act you can carry in your pocket.

This model uses a full plastic Matchbox, and imitation plastic matchsticks, that are completely safe for kids over 6 years of age. 
The original effect is a matchbox, where the drawer and matchsticks rise out of the box and sink back at the performer’s command. This can be repeated as often as you like. 

But there are several other matchstick tricks, games, and puzzles that can offer you several hours of entertainment. We have compiled these in a 24 page profusely illustrated booklet so you really get a “Magical entertainment Set” for the price of one trick. Comes attractively packaged.
Very good value for any performer, and an excellent item to gift to anyone interested in magic – or hook someone who is not !