Ring On Chain

Ring on Chain OThis is a very effective and easy close up item, based on an old ring & rope trick. The new all metal version makes it a very easy to carry and perform impromptu effect. You can even wear the chain with ring as a “necklace” if this type of casual attire is your preference, with the popularity of street magicians inspired by David Blaine !

The performer displays a solid metal chain, and a metal ring. Both can be examined by the audience.

The ring is passed over the chain from the bottom, with the chain draped over the performer’s thumb and finger. He just drops the ring as it reaches the top, and in a flash the ring is found knotted on the chain. The spectator can examine it, and remove the ring off the chain himself.

Once you use it, you will always carry it with you – ready to use any place, any time. And we supply this at a very low cost – excellent value for an excellent effect.

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