Revolving Head Illusion – NEW MODEL

RevolvingHeadIllussionThis is an extremely effective mini illusion, easy to carry and perform, and guaranteed to make an impact on any audience.
In effect the performer places a frame with a wooden box over his assistant’s head. The head is then clamped into the box and the box is turned slowly, twisting the head with it. It is turned right around and then twisted back again in the opposite direction to unscrew the head. Finally everything is removed and displayed freely, and the assistant is completely unharmed.
This is a superior model of an item we have manufactured and sold for over a decade.
We have now manufactured this from laminated water proof ply wood, which makes it far more study and much more durable compared to the original MDF Model.
We have increased the size of the box to enable this to be used with a larger head.
Audible feature : We have added a ratchet mechanism to the revolving box. This makes a very prominent winding sound when the box is turned, and greatly enhances the effect.
The illusion packs flat for ease in transportation, and can be assembled in a few minutes. A very affordable large stage effect.

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