Rattle Bells

Rattle-BellsEffect – The performer displays 3 Bells. He rattles each in turn, but only one of the bells rings.
The bells are mixed around and a spectator asked to pick the bell that rings. It doesn’t ring. He is given a second choice with the same result, this bell too doesn’t ring. The last bell, left for the performer is the only one that rings.
The effect can be repeated as often as you wish.
Although the secret of this is not new, (there are other models with Match Boxes, Bars etc.), all these require you to wear a long sleeved shirt or coat to hide the gimmick. This model can be performed with a short (half) sleeved shirt, which will even fool people acquainted with the usual method for performing this.
We supply you the required bells and gimmick, with complete instructions, at a very low price.

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