Rapping Spirit Hand

Rapping Spirit HandA very novel “spook” prop inspired by the popular “mediumistic” presentations of decades ago, this is a “mummified hand” that raps out answers to questions, apparently isolated, but in fact completely under the performers control. It is comprised of a “mummified” hand resting on a board.
Your imagination and the name should suggest a suitable presentation premise. You could tell your audience this is the mummified hand of a famous medium, or an Egyptian priestess preserved in Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” museum. 
State the Hand has the uncanny ability to detect a lie from the truth. Whenever a person lies the hand raps. You can then use this in a lie detector type of presentation for anything from finding a selected card, to more elaborate mind reading effects.
Or you could use the hand to tap once for “Yes” and stays motionless for “No”. It can answer questions from members of your audience, that have a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
It can do simple maths, tapping out answers to simple mathematical problems, or reveal a selected card, as you ask “Was it a Spade?”, “… A Club”, “…..a spot card ?”,  etc., with a tap when you name the correct suit and value.
Play around with the prop and you will find a presentation to suit your individual preferences. There are no batteries, or electronics to die on you in the middle of a performance.
This is a mechanical item, to be treated with proper care, and no physical abuse. Respect your prop, and it will serve you well for a lifetime.
Supplied ready to work, with photo illustrated instructions.

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