Rajat’s Instant Printo Cards

Instant-Printo-ad-02 This is an excellent Packet effect, adapted by Magician Rajat from a Daryl effect, with a few added twists.
The props comprise of a specially printed Card Case, and eight cards – the four regular 10s, and four blank face cards. And the effect is an uncanny ability of the cards to transfer their images when rubbed against each other.
A 10 is rubbed with a blank card, which becomes a duplicate 10. Then the back of a 10 is rubbed with a blank card, and the back becomes blank !
Another 10 is rubbed with a blank – this time with a twist, and the image transfers in a spiral. Then two cards are rubbed half way with a blank,  and half impressions of both cards appear on the blank.
Instant-Printo-ad-01You rub a blank on the card case, and the impression of the case appears on the blank. You accidentally rub a blank card against your hair, and have an impression of your hair on this. The several offbeat and novel transfers make this something out of the run of ordinary card effects.
Recommended for any one who performs close-up. Supplied with Rajat’s instructions, the case and all the special cards, this does not involve any difficult moves. Just remeber the sequence of actions, and you will use this all the time.

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