Rajat’s Egg or Hen Card Trick

Hen Or EggThis card trick by Magician Rajat was inspired by the packet effect – “Quick Switch”, by Tom Ogden.
Effect : 4 Cards with pictures of 3 eggs and a hen are shown.
They magically change into pictures of 3 hens and an egg.
The last egg magically hatches and a chicken peeps out. The chick is taken out from the egg and shown to the audience.
Ultimately, the chick grows to a full grown hen, and all the 4 cards are clearly shown to have turned to hens.
In Rajat’s version, no difficult sleight is required. It is very easy to perform with a few handling trials.
The ‘Egg or Hen’ concept is more acceptable to the audience, including small kids and ladies, who are not favorably inclined to general Card Magic.
The broken egg and the chick add novelty to the climax.
Supplied complete with all required cards, chick cut outs and instructions.

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