Rainbow Riot

Rainbow RiotThis trick combines the beauty and color impact of silks with the mechanical principles available for use with ropes, to give you a novel effect, both strikingly colorful, and magically baffling.
Performer shows a multicolored rope woven in five contrasting eye catching colors. He picks up the rope and coils it around his empty hand. The rope is then uncoiled and found to be completely knotted. There is a yellow knot on the yellow part and a red knot on the red part and so on.
He then merely passes his hand over the rope and all knots magically change colors. There is a pink knot on the yellow and the yellow is now on the red and a white knot on the green and so on.
Finally the performer coils the rope around his hand again and tosses the coil to his audience. All the knots have vanished …. and the rope is just a beautifully woven multicolored rope !
Complete with apparatus and detailed instructions. Originally introduced by us several years ago, and long out of stock, this is again available, at a very affordable price.

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